Proceedings of the 13th Conference on Typology
and Grammar for Young Scholars

(Handouts, Presentations, Posters)


E. Gruzdeva, N. Vakhtin. Language attrition in polysynthetic languages

J. Nichols. Basic event structure: States and endpoints

B. Wälchli. Specific and non-specific perception verbs and lexical typology



E. Aplonova. Kinship terms without a possessor in Bamana [in Russian]

P. Arkadiev. Interaction of actionality, aspect and tense in Kuban Kabardian counterfactual conditionals

T. Arkhangelskiy, M. Usacheva . Functions of the 3SG possessive marker in Beserman Udmurt: Corpus analysis

K. Bagdasaryan. Verbs referring to extraction of an object in a typological perspective

M. Bibaeva. Depictives in Hill Mari [in Russian]

D. Bikina. Double marking of indefiniteness in Hill Mari [in Russian]

A. Bochkova. Number marking of nouns in Hill Mari [in Russian]

T. Davidyuk, L. Kozlov. Lative in Hill Mari [in Russian]

E. Delikanova. Some means of expressing modality in Buryat [in Russian]

V. Dyachkov. Adjectival scales and aspectuality of deadjectival verbs: Looking for principles of correlation

M. Fedotov. Semantic component ‘completive’ and a single-verb approach to actional classification in Russian [in Russian]

A. Gareyshina. Ways we correlate: Hill Mari correlatives as relative clauses vs. topic structures

A. A. García. Phonation types and tones in Zapotec languages: A synchronic comparison

F. Golosov, A. Kozlov. Perspective point in the semantics of Hill Mari past tenses

V. Ivanov. Ideophones functioning as intensifiers (based on the data of Permic languages) [in Russian]

E. Kashkin, D. Zhornik, M. Sidorova. Typological disclosures in the field of closing (semantics of verbs ‘open’ and ‘close’)

M. Kholodilova. The accusative argument of the ‘request’ nominalization in Russian

E. Khristoforova. Agentivity of semantic classifiers in Russian Sign Language [in Russian]

E. Kolos. On the direct object and possessor marking in the Barghuzin dialect of Buryat [in Russian]

S. Mattiola. A semantic map of pluractional constructions (presentation) (handout)

N. Muraviev. Between simultaneity and anteriority: Toward a typology of limitive as a separate meaning [in Russian]

M. Nagornaya. A complex reflexive in Buryat [in Russian]

S. Nikiforova. Constructions with adverbial verbs in Hebrew [in Russian]

A. Piperski. On competing ways of expressing hortative in Russian [in Russian]

A. Piskunova. Correlation of the distribution of the case marker / -škə̑(ə̈) and animacy hierarchy in Hill Mari [in Russian]

E. Ryzhkova. Specifying the categorial status of some “adpositions” in Ingrian Finnish [in Russian]

I. Sarkisov. Ergativity in Neo-Aramaic [in Russian]

A. Schmidt. Diagnosing the VP structure of OV and VO languages

M. Sidorova. Number marking in Hill Mari numeral constructions [in Russian]

I. Sieber. Pretonic and stressed syllables as a single unit: On cases of assimilative vowel labialization [in Russian]

G. Sim. The structure of conditionals in Buryat [in Russian]

I. Stenin, D. Zhornik. Some observations on Moksha passive (pptx) (pdf)

J. Stojković. Vowelless moras and varieties of a language game

N. Stoynova. Reflexives in Nanai: Reorganization of the grammatical system

E. Sudarikova. Possessive and relational forms in Chukchi: The case of -in(e) / -en(a) and -kin(e) / -ken(a) markers [in Russian]

D. Tiskin. Word order somewhat in a poor condition: “External” and “internal” adverbial modification in Russian prepositional phrases of the type Prep + Adj + N [in Russian]

M. Usacheva. Attributives with the suffix -o in Beserman Udmurt [in Russian]

A. Vinyar, E. Gerasimenko. Non-syntactic restrictions on incorporation in Chukchi

O. Volkov, D. Ignatenko. Chukchi verbal derivatives from the perspective of verbal plurality [in Russian]

M. Voronov, D. Mordashova. Hill Mari verbal constructions with ə̑l’ə̑ / ə̑lə̑n in the domain of “discontinuous past” and beyond [in Russian]

O. Vorontsova. Possessive NPs in seven South-Western Mande languages [in Russian]

J. Ye, L. Becker. Discourse reference and articles: A parallel corpus study


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